Friday, February 15, 2008

Feel the promise of a warm day

I am almost finished with the sixth repeat on this Arctic Diamonds shawl and was beginning to feel a bit peevish with it. I still find the knitting of it quite relaxing, but the eye does tend to wander to other patterns. And that unending ball of yarn? Still LOTS left! It's amazing.

Temperatures have been chilly but still rather mild around here (jonquils have been seen blooming already) so today I wore the Kimono shawl. My first lace knit and my first outing with blocking, it is probably longer than I would have made it had I known just how long it would end up being. But today as I wore it, I realized I really liked it being that long, so my goodwill toward this green mass was restored.

It's pictured here with the wrapper from some Valentine candy which encourages me to "Feel the promise of a warm day". Very nice, don't you think? I believe I can feel the promise this soft green wrap will hold. I will keep knitting at least one more repeat.


Mary said...

What a terrific picture and, yes, indeed the green shawl will wrap you in warm days.

Annie said...

Jonquils blooming? I have a few months to wait for that. Sigh.

Let me know where to send those hollyhock seeds! I have a bag with your name on it.