Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Three Tenors in situ

I was invited down last evening to help my daughter get her tree in the stand and the lights on. She seems very pleased with the snowmen tree skirt and even took a picture of it in situ for me to use here.

I read a good bit and I re-read almost as much as I read. I tend to re-read at Christmas more than any other particular time of the year.

Maybe that's because I like the familiar and like to repeat traditions at Christmas? Maybe it's because I'm lazy and can't find the extra time needed for extra library trips and searching for good new-to-me books. I'm pretty sure it's a combination.

At any rate, the current re-read is "Christmas on Jane Street" a true story told by Billy Romp and with Wanda Urbanska.

It's a short little volume and can easily be re-read in an evening or over a couple of mornings with coffee. The Romps travel from their rural Vermont home every Thanksgiving with a load of cut Christmas trees to a lot in Manhattan, only leaving late on Christmas Eve for the tired night trip home. It's a father-daughter tale, too and a reminder that parenting is rewarding, but also hard.

This year I suddenly remem-bered Google Earth and had the bright idea of searching out Jane Street so I could get a look at the real location. So amazing. I could even see Bonsignour, the French food shop across the street from where the Romps set up their trees. What a treat!

I noticed the book at the bookstore last night. (Well I had to go pick up the new IW Knits magazine, didn't I?) Seems it is the 10th anniversary of the publication of the book and there is a new softcover anniversary edition.

I always enjoy seeing old friends at the bookstore.


Mary said...

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas on Stringplay! Pretty tree.

Sheri said...

You amaze me with all the great ideas you can find to write about. I'll have to look for the book on my trip to B&N next week. Yes, it is beginning to look alot like Christmas, we just need some snow!