Tuesday, December 9, 2008

time for cards

My Christmas card list is way too long and I wish I could cut back but I like to stay in touch and I really enjoy receiving cards.
For my needlework pals I always used to try to find a box of cards that depicted needlework in some way. Some years it was easier than others. Some years - this year - I simply didn't have the time to search around for them.
So this year I sent a digital pic electronically to the the drugstore and had prints made. Of course they don't exactly fit the blank cards I have (that would be too easy) so I'm trimming them a bit before attaching them to the card.
Then it's just a matter of writing, addressing, sealing, affixing stamps, and mailing. Piece of cake, right? Piece of cake? That reminds me......

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Sheri said...

I always wonder why I leave the cards for last. It's not like I only have a week to do all that (writing, addressing, affixing, sealing, stamping and mailing). But, even after 355 days I still haven't gotten them done. Maybe I'll get to them tonight - or, maybe not.