Wednesday, March 16, 2011


the fear of colors

I don't really have a FEAR of colors. I like many colors - just maybe not together.* Well, maybe not hot pink. Or lime green. Nor pastels, really. Gee, this is becoming quite a list!

My wonderful interlude with Evelyn is over. Every stitch a relaxing joy.

I used her free pattern, Brimnes Lace Shawl. I don't think it is available outside of Ravelry. If anyone needed a reason to join Ravlery, well there you go! The KnitPicks Palette yarn softened up nicely after a Soak.

It immediately brought to my mind Civil War-era garments. JP actually likes it and says it doesn't remind him of Civil War clothing at all, but then he doesn't really immerse himself in period dramas or know all the scenes from "Gone With the Wind". It is the first shawl I've made that I might be self-conscious wearing out in public. Or the first one that I thought cried out for a rocking chair. Not that there is anything wrong with rockers. smile

In my bookmarks are links to blogs of creative folks who LOVE color, cannot get enough color, wouldn't dream of making a single object in ONE color alone. I love reading their posts and seeing their projects even as I know I could never let loose with so much color myself.

You may already follow this one - Attic 24. Lucy blogs from Northern England and has a terrific scarf FO in her current post. She most assuredly is not a chromatophobe!

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post and her excitement and enthusiasm really came across as she shared the project.

*I make an exception for a rainbow of M&Ms.


Jolene said...

Well... as long as your knitting snacks are in technicolor! I think that counts! Your projects are always lovely, regardless of the color they are made in :)

(Thanks for your message the other day also... about Grampy)


minipurl said...


Sheri said...

Your shawl is very pretty. I can picture it on the middle daughter on Downton Abby!
I always buy bright colors, pastels, etc but I never wear them. I think I'm finally figuring out that my "middle aged plump self" looks better in dark colors. I now have a basket full of knitted things that I don't use.

Mary said...


trailbee said...

This shawl is a stunner! I enlarged it and was bowled over. No wonder you preferred this!
As to color, I am afraid of it. I like it when other people use it, but am afraid to use it myself. Talk about ridiculous. Two years ago I passed up an oil painting class because I was afraid that I would not understand the mechanics of it, feeling inadequate. I remained with my charcoal and pencil drawings.
Some time ago you mentioned a needlework blog which I checked out. Looking at the colorful socks I'm knitting presently, and the use of color in embroidery work, I realize that maybe it is the medium that either stifles or liberates my thoughts. Deep, huh?
Your blog has been a real inspiration. Thank you. Biene Vallee