Saturday, March 12, 2011

Saturday with Evelyn

After some chilly weather this week and a VERY wet day on Wednesday, it is a beautiful, sunny Saturday.

I should be taking advantage of the wonderful light to finish up the large floral band on the sampler, and perhaps I will get to that before the weekend is over, but today I returned to the EAC shawl.

I have no idea how this yarn is going to work out for this project OR if I will like the colors, but the working of the pattern is - as with all Evelyn A. Clark patterns - a delight. Things fall into place, the charts are clear and easy to read, numbers are given in the written directions. Just a soothing companion.

I've just added the garnet and have only about four more rows of the Old Shale pattern before I bind off. I think it is a crochet bind off, but I haven't really read that far ahead.

I wish I could see and handle the Icelandic lace yarn called for by the pattern before ordering it sight-unseen. Not sure why. I mean if it is good enough for Evelyn.....of course I'll like it.

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Sheri said...

That is going to be very pretty! It's a nice change from a one color shawl. Hope Sunday shines for you, it sure has been a gorgeous Saturday.
Happy Knitting!