Friday, March 18, 2011

We now return you to our regularly scheduled knit

Obviously this photo is way over-exposed. Daylight-Saving Time and late afternoon sun to blame.

This is the project that drove me to a soothing EAC pattern.

There is nothing wrong with the pattern and I keep telling myself that, when finished and blocked, the stole will probably be quite wearable. It should brighten up black and even work with jeans. In fact, I specifically picked the yarn for the dark, rich blues. I just am having a hard time dealing with the stripes. All I can see are stripes.

After almost every purl row when I return to the right side, I stop and stretch it out over my thighs (that alone is enough to give one pause!) and ponder the stripes. I sigh and squint and silently encourage myself. I just know if this were more tonal in color that I would be knitting on it more.

This is yarn that I bought last April at Stitches South. Stitches South is returning and I'd feel a lot better if this was done and folded away for the summer before I headed off to the vendor market.


Yesterukes said...

Hoping to make it to the market this year. I don't have to finish all my projects first, do I?

Sheri said...

Well, I love it up against that red door! I had to actually focus hard to see the stripes.
I will be missing SE again, dang it! My child's best friend is having her bridal shower that weekend, 4 months early!

trailbee said...

This shawl looks like a real brain-teaser, but the color is VERY nice, almost a cobalt blue. Tiring on the eyes? Who says you can't do this piece in dribs and drabs?

minipurl said...

Ah, but it's blue. That makes it perfectly wonderful.