Saturday, March 5, 2011


This particular EAC pattern grows 6 stitches every other row, getting wider faster than some I've knit in the past.

I was knitting happily along when all of a cable at the end of my needle. Fortunately it was not a disaster and I was able to recover without too much trouble.

I'm using KnitPicks Options which I just love. This particular 24" cable has been used quite a bit so I'm not terribly upset. Since 2 cables come with each length ordered, I still have a 24" and I've already switched to a longer length anyway.

I'll just order a replacement some time. I do love the KnitPicks cables even better than addi Turbo. I find stitches harder to count on the clear cables of the addi Turbo needles. I also find the KnitPicks cables to be much more flexible and I love that they are interchangeable and have the handy little end caps. Those end caps have come in handy a number of times.

Enjoying the weekend so far. Hope you are, too!


Sheri said...

Wow, glad you were able to recover all stitches! I love my Knit Picks circulars too. I just received the sample pack (1 of each type circular they sell) to try out the acrylic, the only one I don't have.)
Hope the rest of your weekend is wonderful.

Mimi said...

Oh noooo! I've had that happen, too. Only after the fact did I discover that little key to tighten the cable join.

I just got the sample set, too. Want to try the bamboo ones. Wondering if the crazy colors will bother me.

pamela w allen said...

Hmmm...Seems like I ought to try the Knit Picks needles....I'm off to place an order!

Mary said...

EEEK! Glad it wasn't a disaster!

kaylace said...

Hey Sonja...
Just catching up on your blog after being gone for a while... it gets harder and harder to be away w/o connections to the world. This new project is interesting... several different colors? Is this the Sonja I know and love? It looks pretty. And I really like that baby cap you made... very sweet.