Saturday, March 26, 2011

Band H

The English Sampler doesn't see much action most weeks. In fact, last summer it hardly came out at all. Each horizontal band is identified on the chart by a letter and I have just finally completed band H. I think of that H as standing for Hump and feel I am finally over the hump.

You can see from the magazine page that I am about halfway down and that the lower half is whitework and those bands of drawn thread and pulled-thread embroidery are the reason that I chose this design in the first place.

I was inspired by some lovely work I saw at the Magnolia Sampler Guild's exhibit in September 2009. The next exhibit will be this September. Wouldn't it be grand if I had it done by then?
One can dream.


Sheri said...

You must have some super eye power! I used to love to do cross stitch and embroidery but I have such a hard time seeing it, especially on the new cloth. You sure do some beautiful work!

Yesterukes said...

Lovely, as always. Can't wait to see the drawn thread work.

trailbee said...

The sampler will be great! Time is nothing. Your January 12 & 15 posts lit a fire under me, and I unearthed work my mother had begun before she passed away in '64! Then I began looking at Jeanine's Italian Needlework blog, and branched out. Now I own two issues of PieceWork! I am happier for having found your blog. Thank you for your posts!

minipurl said...

It will be beautiful and you will finish it.