Saturday, June 20, 2009

Heat Stroke

We are having a HOT week here this week. High 90s. Every day. Starting early and staying hot. Luckily I can stay inside with the a/c most of the time.

So it's kind of puzzling to me why I seem to be fixated on wool socks lately. I keep seeing multi-strand, elaborately-patterned socks popping up on blogs and making me want to try a pair (although maybe not with tassels!).

I certainly don't need socks at all right now, much less wool ones.
Maybe the heat is getting to me.

The pair that started this off was Polly's over at All Tangled Up.
Pattern is from the German book pictured German.

And now this pair. And this pair.

Some knitters are going for a 52 Pair Plunge. 52 pair! I don't want to knit that many.

What are you thinking about knitting next?

1 comment:

me said...

beautiful! Very Beautiful!! (yes, I think 52 would be a lot of knit knit knit....but how inspiring!!!)
Keep up the great work!