Saturday, June 13, 2009

Mini KIP

What to do when your LYS isn't hosting a Worldwide Knit In Public Day event? Well call a friend and make your own mini KIP event. All you need is a little knitting and the great outdoors, right?

Kay and I decided earlier in the week to meet in Marietta Square and knit and visit. She'll be leaving soon for her Treadle On Sewing Machine camp and then heading on to MN for the summer.

As the week wore on and got more hot and way more humid, I began to wonder just how crazy we were to think we could sit outside and knit.

Perhaps it was the late-night thunderstorms, but the morning was most pleasant with a constant cool breeze! We were there from 10 am until 2 pm and it wasn't too hot at all. Amazing.

Kay brought the folding chairs and we sat up in a nice shady area near the gazebo. Turns out that was the perfect place to sit. The square was covered in people, many visiting the Farmer's Market at the north end. Group after group came to take pictures in the gazebo and we got to watch.

Finally I asked someone to take our picture so I'd have, not just blog material, but a remembrance of the FUN time I had with Kay.

Looks like Jeannie had a great time KIPing, too!


Mary said...

What fun! And what a wonderful photo. You even had an official KIP sign!

minipurl said...

How cool! Love your KIP event.....It's never too hot to knit. Ok, knit a dishcloth. :)
Viva la KIP!!