Monday, June 29, 2009

High fiber bento

Bento: a single-portion take out or home packed meal.

I had never heard of bento boxes until a few months ago even though it turns out I happen to have a Hello Kitty one leftover from my daughter's younger years. (pause for a moment to remember and sigh)

I have a thing for repurposing tins and containers. When I started my new sock project, I looked around for a tin deep enough hold that big ball of yummy yarn. If I only had a tin, I thought, I could use a magnet to keep my place on the chart and handily carry everything around that I needed, but none of my tins were deep enough.

Yesterday afternoon, my friend Kay dropped by. She's getting ready to head to her cabin in MN and was doing some clearing. She had things to drop off at Goodwill, old eyeglasses for the Lion's Club collection, etc. When it came to this tin, she thought of me.

How about that for coincidence? The very day I think I would like a tin, Kay unearths one and drives it over to my house!

You can see that I put it to immediate use. It is perfect; just the right depth, enough width to accommodate the growing sock and needles and the little pad for my Patented Hatch Mark System. What's even more perfect is that the hinged lid leans back and stops at just the perfect angle to be an easel for the chart!

See some clever bentos here, here, and here.
Kinda makes my daily PB sandwich look pretty lame!

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Mary said...

Very, very clever! And the sock looks great!