Wednesday, June 10, 2009

This is my brain on knitting

Hum..... looks suspiciously like newsprint, huh?

The time has come to block the lace hat but I had no fancy blocking form.

Mary cleverly suggested I search for a bowl the size of my head, then cautioned me not to get my head stuck in it, then encouraged me to be sure to document it for the blog if I did. What are friends for?

No bowls seemed the proper size or shape so I began fashioning one from yesterday's newspaper. The AJC has undergone some radical changes lately. Even the masthead and font have changed. [have I mentioned that I don't like change?] Anyway, it took a whole day's paper to make my head. Either I have a large brain or they've seriously reduced the paper. [hint: they've seriously reduced the paper.]

While we're waiting for my hat to block, perhaps you'd like to amuse yourself with facts about the brain. [I confess I just skimmed this article.] Or maybe you'd prefer some games for the brain? [I only tried Ooze and was a dismal failure, but I did better at What Was There.]

While searching out brain links for you, I learned that the brain is the crown jewel of my body and/or the boss of my body and runs the whole show. Well that was good to know because I got to tell you, lately something has been the boss of my body and it hasn't seemed like my brain!

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Mary said...

Do I see two lacy things being blocked???