Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Chantilly Lace and a pretty face

Did you pop in here from Mary's blog? Seems Mary has been watching movies; movies with lots of LACE in them.

When I first saw the picture of Bette Davis with the lace head covering, I immediately thought Chantilly lace. But what do I know? Chantilly lace is traditionally worked in black and, even though black might have been a more appropriate color for Bette's character in the film, the lace in that shot is definitely white. I'm guessing, too, that it might be machine made. [I mean do you think the costumers bought or found handmade lace for this film?] It does not appear to either Valenciennes lace or Mechlin lace, both of which have the ground made at the same time as the motifs (if hand made).

Now Brussels lace is made in pieces with the flowers and design motifs made separate from the ground, but I don't think this piece is Brussels lace.

So, I'm going to go with machine-made Chantilly. Pat or Barbara, if stop in here and can correct or add to this, please do!

a couple of good examples of white, machine-made Chantilly here.

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Mary said...

It definitely looks like machine-made Chantilly lace. Thanks for the information.