Sunday, June 21, 2009

SOS - now with Low Stress

Surfing around the internet (inside with the a/c), I ran across a Ravelry group, SOS 2009, for the Summer of Socks. And it seems this year's theme is Low Stress.

Now low stress is a theme that I can embrace. Low Stress in fact is exactly what I look for in my knitting. Low Stress is what I expect my knitting to provide me.

As I get nearer the end of the Cloud Gray triangle shawl, I'm thinking of the next project. I had already wound up a ball of Brooklyn Handspun (a gift from Mary) and had planned on starting a pair of Birch Leaf socks from "A Gathering of Lace".

I had promised myself not to cast on until I finished the shawl, but now it seems, with the start of SOS being June 21, the start of Summer, that I should most definitely cast on today. You understand, don't you?

If you think you'd like a Low Stress group and a small portable sock project, check out the info here.

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