Friday, June 19, 2009

Hats off!

Pattern: Picture Hat
by Katherine Misegades
from "A Gathering of Lace"

Yarn: Louet Euroflax 14/2 linen
bought at Earth Guild
bit over 1/2 cone (350 yds? guesstimate)

Needles: Size 3 circular

This project should convince me that I'm a process knitter. I first got this book through interlibrary loan and this project - a hat - was one that called to me particularly; enough that I copied the pattern from the book before having to return it.

When on a nice trip to Asheville, NC I spotted the coned linen in Earth Guild, I bought it just to have on hand for someday trying this pattern. Later I put the book on my Christmas wish list and after it arrived I would periodically review the pattern, pull out the linen, and try to decide if I felt ready for the challenge. I'm pretty sure that what hooked me first was the idea of fashioning such a 3D object - a sturdy 3D object - with just string.

It was a good bit later, after I had my own copy of the book, and on one of my studies yet again of the pattern, that it dawned on me that the designer was Katherine Misegades whose blog I had been reading and enjoying for some time; the same Katherine who was the very first person that I didn't know to link to my blog. [because you know I know Mary even though we've never actually met!]

Well! That was some piece of information. And in a small way it made it even harder for me to attempt the pattern. What if I failed miserably? I didn't want any of my troubles to reflect on the pattern. I shouldn't have worried so much. The pattern is well-written, straightforward and understandable. Once I got going it was a treat to work and be able to tell the sections as I worked them. And as soon as I figured out a way to block it, away I went.

I'm still considering putting a bit of wire in the edge as I think this would make it more wearable. Wearable? I never wear hats. See! Process.
I didn't really want a hat. I wanted to make a hat.

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