Thursday, July 2, 2009

just a silly sock sack

You know how surfing through blogs leads you from one thing to another? And before you know it (if you're anything like me), you've completely forgotten what it was you sat down to look up in the first place.

Well that's how I found this new bag pattern. I somehow wound up reading about the Minnesota Designer Blog Hop where for ten days a different quilt designer will post new patterns or ideas.

I think if you follow along every day and leave comments on all the blogs, you are eligible for a prize or two, but I haven't settled down enough to do all that.

Terry Atkinson's Sock Sack pattern from day 7 of the hop was fun and FAST to make.

I decided to use some silly cat fabric scraps from a long-ago project. [My daughter was in elementary school. It's that old!] I wanted to get an idea of the size and construction first and these hot, bright colors seemed like a good idea and worked with the little black zipper I already had.

The zippered pocket for stitch markers or small items is a nice touch. I think the next time I'll make it just a tad larger, maybe a inch wider and an inch longer and I'll line it. I did finish the inside of the casing with bias tape to enclose any raw edges there, but I think a lining would be even nicer (and a chance to use even more fun fabric!).