Saturday, July 25, 2009

The tipping point

Here you see that I have not progressed very far on my Schwalm project. Before starting it, I wound the blue lace yarn that I purchased at Stitches South. I plan to use it for another shawl from the Estonian book - Madli's Shawl.

And as much as I do truly want to explore Schwalm embroidery, and as much as I've tried to convince myself to finish up the second Birch Leaf sock, I cannot keep my thoughts off lace knitting.
I've been trying to satisfy myself by only looking at ones recently finished by others, but I have finally succumbed and will cast on today.

One of my favorites is this incredibly warm orange one. [Orange, again!]

And take a look at her wonderful post on a needlework and textile exhibit from back in May. Oh, can you imagine getting to see this in person?!

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Mary said...

Nobody says you can't work on two or three or four projects!