Sunday, July 26, 2009

Truly, Madli, Deeply

I'm happier already. Just getting these first rows in on one end edging of Madli's Shawl was so relaxing. I could almost feel the endorphins releasing into my system.

Now it is said that exercise does this for many people. Exercise? Bah! I walk because I have to, not because I enjoy it or feel so wonderful afterwards.

One thing about this yarn - it is BLUE.

I'm using yarn I found at Stitches South from the vendor Knit Witch; a fairly local indie dyer.

The vendor was very nice. I first chose a skein with light rosy pinks. The yarn was lovely but I never pick pink. What was I thinking? Sitting and looking at it while I ate my lunch at the vendor market, I mused to Kay about my unusual choice. She suggested I see if I could swap it if I wasn't sure about it and the vendor most graciously agreed. So this may indeed be quite BLUE, but at least it isn't pink.

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minipurl said...

Knitting a shawl...relaxing???? Please, please, please tell me of any pattern that a shawl-o-fite like me can handle. You make it look so easy and so very lovely.
Enjoy :)