Friday, July 3, 2009

Comfort knitting

I haven't forgotten my cloud gray lace triangle. In fact, if you were to enlarge the picture and examine my spreadsheet, you'd see that I only have the twelve rows of lace edge to complete.

However, the pattern instructions at this point gave me a bit of pause. I have 252 stitches on the needle now and need to pick up 242 on each of the other sides - for a total of 736. Whoa.

It's a holiday here - well a day off work before the holiday and I decided I'd rather knit something just a little easier; something that didn't require as much thinking and counting.

So yesterday I picked up a little ball of Berroco Comfort DK in a sweet pink and today I started another Evelyn Clark baby bonnet.

The Comfort DK is just as splitty as I found it the first time but also just as soft and with just as much lovely stitch definition. It is so inexpensive and so completely washer/dryer friendly that it is hard to beat for gifts.

This is color 2705 - Pretty Pink which I think is just right; not too pink. I think it will be firmer than my first bonnet and, I hope, just as sweet.

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