Friday, May 2, 2008


Before the bag, when I found the shawl DISappointing, I decided to try another Vine Lace Baby Hat.

I really love knitting this pattern with DB Baby Cashmerino, but it's pretty hard to find anywhere nearby. And when you seek a comfort knit, you want it right then.

Since I was pretty sure that the mother of the intended baby would treat it like an easy-care item, I thought it safer to go with something that could really withstand the usual washer/dryer treatment. I found this Berocco Comfort DK. It's 50/50 nylon and acrylic, but it felt fairly soft and the price ($3.50/ball) made it cheap enough to try.

DISappointment #1: See that yarn barf? Maybe a quarter of the yarn came out in such a tangled mess when I tried pulling the center end, that just after this picture was taken I yanked out the needles and with GLEE tossed the whole thing into the wastebasket.

DISappointment #2: The next day, calmer, I head over to Ravelry to see what the word is. I read lots of postitive things about it making nice fabric and good stitches. I reconsider and pull it out, cut off the tangled mess, and cast on again only to find that the stuff SPLITS worse than anything I've ever knit.

DISappointment #3: I'm almost halfway done with the hat (which would have been done in one evening if I had had yummy yarn) and there's a KNOT in the yarn. Bah!

DISbelief: Now that's it's finished, I'm pleased.

Since it's a washable non-wool yarn, it is suitable for the preemies (lace club's service project). This one (on size 2 needles) pictured here on a little hedgehog friend fit a large apple and it is wonderfully soft.

I might even consider the worsted weight for a completely carefree baby blanket. Am shocked!

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Mary said...

It looks as if the stitches got DIStributed just fine! Pretty hat!