Thursday, May 22, 2008

Knitting...and nature

A little tornado ripped through my Mother's neighbor-hood this past Tuesday evening. She was very lucky. The one tree that was blown over just grazed the house and appears to have done no damage. It will need to be chopped up and removed.
It did create some MESS in the yard with lots of twigs, pine cones, and natural debris. I was off today and went up there and cleared it for her as a surprise. As a treat for myself I thought I'd stop off for some sock yarn. I'm in need of a small take along project. (Nupps in fine laceweight on a long shawl isn't exactly a great take along!)
Why can I never seem to make up my mind in the yarn shop? It seems that once I step inside I completely forget every pattern that I've ever planned to make. Perhaps I still had green and nature on the brain, as I ended up with Panda Wool in Vine Green.
I had been thinking of knitting the Zigzag Socks [Ravelry link] from the Vogue Ultimate Sock Book, but I'm not sure now that this is the right yarn for that project. Oh, well. It should be fun trying out this yarn which is 46% bamboo. Come to think of it, there's a stitch pattern in the front of that book called "Big Bamboo" and resembles bamboo stalks. Maybe I should try that!

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