Sunday, May 4, 2008

Happy Years

Ocassionally on weekends I take my walk around the upper field at the nearby elementary school. Still Elementary holds so many happy memories for me of the six years when my daughter was enrolled there. We could not have asked for better teachers or a better environment for learning.

This past year Still underwent a substantial renovation. Many classrooms were added, new playground equipment was installed, a bus lane with covered walkway was built, and the upper field was greatly improved.

The upper field used to be just that; a field up a hill. It wasn't used overly much as a playground, but it was always the venue for Field Day activities every year. Now that it has a four-lane track and is nicely landscaped, it's quite nice to walk there sometimes and to remember.

Also new since 'our days' is a back garden with benches and a trellised area of picnic tables. I took this picture of the wisteria arbor on today's walk.

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Sheri said...

What a great place to walk! I love to walk, but there isn't a good place around my house to walk. I am looking forward to my trip to No. GA, then I walk every day around my Mom's neighborhood. It's beautiful this time of year with all the wild azalea and mountain Laurel.