Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What? No Evelyn?

Ravelry is so jam-packed with wonderful features that it would be hard to pick a favorite, but a really helpful feature is the yarn search. I looked up Panda Wool and found the most lovely pair of socks knit in this very same color.

Here is the start (a couple of days ago) to Roza's Socks; Grumperina's pattern from the Spring 2007 IW Knits issue. I can't think why I dismissed this pattern when I first got the magazine. Not only is it perfect for this yarn, but with only two pattern rows and a simple, but decorative rib, it makes a perfect take-along project. No chart to keep track on or keep track of!

I was a bit worried of only 60 stitches, but reading of the experiences of others convinced me it would fit and, indeed, it is quite stretchy and forgiving.

Here's a link to the wonderful pair knit by the Haphazard Knitter that provided my inspiration.

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