Thursday, May 8, 2008

Evelyn Again

It's really hard to resist the lure of the lace. Especially if it's another Evelyn A. Clark pattern. I'm sure there must be a EC Fan Club. In fact, a cruise around Ravelry is what convinced me that this should be my next project. Everyone gave it high marks.
The pattern, Estonian Garden Wrap [S-2009] is written in two sizes: a wrap or a smaller scarf. I'm going for the wrap.
It's got the nupps, since it's Estonian, but I didn't mind them on the Swallowtails. It's knit starting with a provisional cast on so that you can have two matching ends. The center section is lovely as well and even though I'm not too far into it, I'm loving it already. It has just the right amount of action to keep me interested and paying attention, but isn't so fancy as to be annoyingly demanding. It's pure Evelyn!

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Sheri said...

Lace seems to be my knitting of choice lately too. I'm in that awful rut though of starting a million things. Trying to find the one that clicks.