Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Look, Ma! No wires!

The triangular shawl is blocking and I didn't even have to use the dreaded blocking wires. The edging is the same all the way around, and the points were easy enough to tease out and pin.

Shouldn't take too long to dry in this weather. Still I'll leave it overnight.

Blocking pictures are so boring though, aren't they? It doesn't help that the light is so poor and the beach towel is so orange.

And, speaking of orange, go have a look at Miss Alice Faye's current loveliness. Oh, Miss Alice Faye, you are something else!


Mary said...

Well that sure is a pretty sight!

minipurl said...

Oh, it's too beautiful!

Miss Alice Faye is pretty awesome..she knits, she spins, she cooks....sounds like Wonder Woman in hiding.