Monday, July 6, 2009

Bag bag

With the comple-
tion a few days back of some plain socks, I found myself with no travel project and looked around for something to fill the void.

Enter Classic Elite Yarns Bag Bag. Yep. Bag Bag is it's official name.

Even though I try not to use plastic bags from stores, a few always seem to find their way here and, truthfully, the few that do are welcomed and reused as small wastebasket liners. I keep mine in a similar bag bag made of fabric and given to me by some other crafty person years ago.

This one I knit from one ball of Peaches & Creme 4 ply cotton - color Sea Mist (same as the Girlfriend Market Bag) - and some dpns. I think I could have gotten 2 more pattern repeats of the feather and fan and made it a bit longer, but I never seem able to guess yarnage.

Still it is adequate and amused me during it's creation. It will be mailed off soon to live and serve in a cabin in MN. I send snail mail to Kay when she's gone for the summer.

Oh, speaking of summer.....I've been satisfying my inner Norwegian by travelling along with Britt.

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Mary said...

How cute! Kay will love it!