Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Creativity Abounds!

No not here.

Here on the cul-de-sac re-creativity abounds. Find a pattern, get string, re-create. There are no original thoughts in my head.

I'm knitting my BLUE shawl and loving it even if I have had to make a few slight adjustments. [more on that later]

In the meantime, I wanted to point you over to a blog I found today. No knitting; at least not in the posts I read, but I was just bowled over by the inventiveness of the artist, Amy Flynn. The amount of expression and personality she is able to bring to her creations using the most eclectic collection of well - junk really.

So go check out these Fobots.


Mary said...

WOW! Those are amazing!

minipurl said...

Thanks for always pointing out the coolest things. Amy Flynn is sijmply too wonderful.