Saturday, December 11, 2010

Lo, a FO no mo

This is a rather sad story - at least for ME. Got your tissues handy?

I finished my Cabled Mitts a couple of days before Thanksgiving and they came out just right, fitting perfectly and very warm these past cold days. Never even managed to get a good FO photo.

These are the ones I adapted from a glove pattern in Veronik Avery's "Knitting 24/7" using her St. Denis Nordique yarn.

Somehow - and it is still a complete mystery to me - I managed to lose one Friday afternoon. I'm almost certain both made it to the car with me after work. I saw them and my sunglasses case slide off the center console onto the floor of the car. I made a couple of stops on the way home and when I went to collect things before coming into the house I had only one.

Well, this was SAD news. My new wonderful and warm mitts. And no yarn to make a mate.

But I can't leave you with this unhappy ending. See the tin under the lone mitt? That is my vintage Hallmark tin (c. 1987). In our house that means only one thing: 7-Layer Cookie Bar!
Nothing helps you get over the loss of a handknit like a thousand-calorie treat.


YesterUkes said...

This made me cry. The lost mitten part was sad, but the saddest was learning that 1987 is considered "vintage."

I have hope the mitten is stuck somewhere under your car seat.

Mary said...

I think your mitt ran away with Bob's watch cap. Somewhere all these missing handknits are having a party and are laughing at us.

minipurl said...

Bob lost his watch cap? This post is way too sad for me. 1987 is only considered vintage if you're ten years old ;0

India said...

Wasn't there 3 little kittens somewhere that lost their mittens? Someone once told me that "if it truly belongs to you, it will come back" so maybe it's out there somewhere waiting for you to see it.

And I sure hope Bob finds his hat too.