Thursday, December 9, 2010

X is for

X-mas. It is Christmastime on the Square. Here's the tree in Glover Park. I love when the lights and decorations go up. All the shops have their special window displays.

I'm not a big fan of abbreviations in general, but there aren't any other Xs around and the timing was perfect!.

The abbreviation XMAS for Christmas dates back to the sixteenth century. X is the Greek letter for Chi, the initial in the word Christos or Christ.

As knitters we are familiar with Xs, too, in lovely textured cables.

XOXO! And Merry Christmas.

Brrrr! It was so chilly when I went out to take this picture I completely forgot to turn around and get a shot of the wreath and garland-draped gazebo!


Mary said...

I didn't know the origin of the X in Xmas is from the Greek. Thanks for the lesson! (BTW, that's a beautiful tree.)

Sheri said...

Me either! How neat. Would you mind if I copied that info to my FaceBook Wall? I just had my cousin comment that people should say C'mas and I totally disagreed. I LOVE your explanation much better.
Stay warm! This weather is wonderful! 22 has been our coldest so far.

Paula said...

Your town square looks very much like ours!

minipurl said...

Beautiful tree. I just read an article the other day that writing Xmas really is fine because of what the X stands for. Merry Christmas!!!!!!!