Sunday, December 19, 2010

Buttons and bows...and glue...and scissors....

Saturday was the lace club's Christmas party. Did I let the fact that I had missed several whole years of regular meetings keep me away from the fun and food? Do you even need to ask?

As has been the case for many, many years, Kay (to-busy-to-blog Kay) was Party Guru and in charge of coming up with and overseeing the group's craft activity, always a highlight of the holiday party.

As soon as we finished eating all the goodies we all got right down to play. This year we decorated journals and the tables were groaning under the supplies of lace, trims, sequins, buttons, bells, and all. We had old wallpaper sample books to use as covers that were the blank canvases for our choice of further decoration.

What fun! After pawing through all the materials and dithering a bit over just what to use, we settled in and before too long they were done. Here you can see several of them.

Time surely does fly when you are having this much fun. For a true stringplayer it is better than a trip to a spa.

In that first picture above you may have spotted some pompoms. The morning of the party as I surfed around blogs during breakfast (isn't that what you do??), I spotted some easy directions for making some. So as soon as I finished eating, I washed my fork, pulled out the cheap acrylic I had thrown into my bag before leaving for the party and got a stack made. I didn't intend to use any for the journal cover, but I have been having fun using them on packages and this Red Heart Sport works a treat for them. I might have a hard time chopping up really good yarn.

speaking of lace, see some lovely examples here used in a church in Budapest.

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