Friday, December 10, 2010

Quickie Hat

There are a couple of office grandbabies coming in January. I know one is expected to be a boy, but I think (I think) one is expected to be a girl.

I had seen the Lion Brand Baby Wool at Joann's so the other day I used my coupon and bought a ball.

It is superwash and felt pretty good in the ball.
I chose the Alpine Meadow colorway which is mostly yellow with a bit of green and blue.

I am not really getting home before dark now and my photos are suffering, but this gives you an idea.

It did not feel overly soft once I got it knitted, and after a soak, it was fairly lifeless. While still damp I tossed it into the dryer for a bit and that seemed to work out just fine.

Once again I went to the Children's Cotton Hats pattern from "Last-Minute Knitted Gifts". I find that pattern to work up super quickly without a lot of fuss. The top decreases do create a bit of a point, but I'm going with the idea that it just makes it more elfin and adorable.


Mary said...

The pointy top makes the hat extra-cute!

Alexandria said...

Someday maybe I'll have a reason to make one of those, it is so adorable.
Stay warm!

Paula said...

I agree that the pointy top adds to the elfin like charm. Very sweet!

YesterUkes said...

I seem to be turning into a baby hat maker so I'm glad to see something different. Love the cord through this one. Lucky babies!

minipurl said...

It is simply beautiful.