Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Now that most of the hustle and bustle of the holidays is behind me, I found the time to pull out the Lacy Leaves stole and study the errata. There is only one change in one row, but with all the thoughts and to-do lists floating around in my head pre-Christmas, I was unable to work out just what was to be done and how it all fit.

A cup of coffee and a few minutes of solitude is all it took and I am now back on track.

I am not doing as well with the mammoth crossword published in the paper, but I haven't really spent all that much time at it. The solution isn't published until Jan. 1 so I may put it aside and work on it all along and see how much I can get done. Sadly the main obstacle to it is the tiny type. Type size that didn't seem tiny a few years ago. sigh

I received a couple of knitting book treasures for Christmas. More on them in weeks to come. In the front of one of them is a section on dealing with problems and mistakes and the first issue addressed is poor quality circular needles. The knitting above is on a Clover bamboo circular. I wouldn't necessarily describe them as poor quality, but they are not ideal for this project for sure. There are many, many yarnovers in this pattern and each and every one has to be coaxed over the join between cable and needle. None of the knitting flows. This is a DRAG in every sense of the word. But with no other size 7 circular in the house, I am just dragging along.

I once overheard a yarn shop employee who was showing a pricey addi Turbo needle to a shopper explain that there are so few tools to knitting and they are so important to the task that it is really worth the knitter's time to have the correct tools. Amen.

Hope your post-holiday knitting or puzzle-solving proves relaxing.


Mary said...

WOW! That's one huge crossword puzzle! Yes, good knitting tools are a must--especially with all the lace knitting you do.

YesterUkes said...

Don't you just love a slower day?

minipurl said...

Addi turbos are pretty neat, except sometime they are just a tiny bit too slippery for me....
Maybe this is the year I'll finish my Swallowtail shawl.....Nupps, here I come. :)