Monday, December 13, 2010


It may be almost Christmas but for some reason I'm humming an old Peaches and & Herb
... Reunited!

Even though I had looked all in my car and under the seats - not once, but twice - somehow today while stopped at a traffic light, I just leaned down, reached under, and there it was! So happy.

Came home and, of course, then couldn't immediately find the un-missing one. The drama.

It was so cold here this morning that I needed a FULL mitten with fingertips anyway. It was snowing as I drove to work! I don't usually get that many chances to wear my Selbu mittens.

Speaking of snowflakes, here's a pattern with helpful photos for knitting one.


YesterUkes said...

I just KNEW it was there!

Mary said...


minipurl said...

Wonderful :) Love the picture too.

Sheri said...

Some days are just like that! Glad you found it and love the mitts in the Christmas Tree! Happy Holidays!