Friday, December 31, 2010


Another year that Santa came to visit. Always seems such a whirlwind and then before I know it, he's waving 'bye for another year.

I love this little candle and have had him for years. (My old friend, Betty would have said "donkey's years" I miss Betty.)

Do you have some ornament or decoration from childhood that is special to you? Tell me about it.


YesterUkes said...

Your Santa reminds me of a Santa still sitting on a shelf here. The little figure is made of plaster of Paris and I painted it when I was five. I stayed "in the lines" rather well and my mother thought I was a prodigy! The paint is well worn now and the edges have smoothed some over the years. But it reminds me that my mother thought I could do anything. Which gave me the courage to try much.

minipurl said...

I love my tinfoil ornaments that have decorated every tree since I was born and traveled with me when I left home to start married life.