Saturday, November 20, 2010

All thumbs

With the Estonian stole off the needles, it was time to think of a new project. But before I could, in good conscience, start a new project [especially with the dark green leaf stole in progress! eeep!] I thought it best to finish up the Nordique mitts. Everything was finished except for the thumb on the second of the pair.

How hard could that be? In fact, these had been in a project bag in the backseat of my car for a week or so. I was sure I'd be somewhere long enough with enough time on my hands to finish up one measly thumb. Apparently not. So into the house they came to get finished.

This has been a fun project. I have no idea why I postponed finishing so long.


Mary said...

Finished just in time for leaf-raking!

YesterUkes said...

Wish I'd had those last night. We played an outdoor concert. Those are beautiful.