Monday, November 22, 2010

V is for

Vintage clothes. We have at least two places to shop for vintage clothing on the square. Long time Square merchant, Vintage by Judith,
has been a fixture on the square for over 20 years.

Need something from the Victorian era, need to vamp like you lived in the 20s, or perhaps a vinyl go-go suit, then you might want to give her shop a visit.

A much newer shop, Mint Julep, is just across the street from the office and I enjoy seeing their creative window displays. I have (obviously!) a hard time taking photos of windows without getting reflections. I loved their holiday dresses display.

A few days earlier when they were changing out the display, I popped over to get a photo of this visually-arresting dress they had outside. It looked almost like lace from a distance.

Mint Julep is next door to Vintage-ology. You can see the holidays and seasons are overlapping around the square already. These lovely mums are still showing their warm autumn colors even as the window of the shop is decorated for Christmas. Oh, and it was a very warm 77 degrees when I took the picture. What time of year is it again?


Sheri said...

I want to go to a vintage store and get a dress like Scarlett O'Hara wore and wear it, just for one day, parasol and all! Someday, maybe!
Thanks for another great tour.

YesterUkes said...

Sending this to Jessica who might like to shop there!