Monday, November 15, 2010

U is for

USPS - the post office (it was either that or the undertaker!)

The main post office, just east of the square opened in 1963. Doesn't that architecture scream 60s? It is an unusually busy place most of the time as we've almost outgrown it.

Until 1963 it was in a building that we've seen before, a building that became the library after the post office move in 1963 and later, in 1990, the Marietta Museum of Art.

Here are four upstanding young ladies standing on the steps of that new post office in 1910 just after it opened.


YesterUkes said...

Tried hard to think of a unique or unusual comment to utilize the letter "u" as much as possible. But it was useless. Hope you understand.

(Love the 1910 photo.)

Sheri said...

I love those old pictures with the gorgeous dresses. I just hope it wasn't anywhere near as hot then as it is around here now. How did they ever wear all that clothing? UH!

minipurl said...

U are too clever ;)