Monday, November 8, 2010

T is for

Trolley! In 1905 our first streetcar connected the square to Atlanta. A couple of years ago the Historic Marietta Trolley Company reintroduced a trolley to our Square and christened it Uncle Ruban after that first car.

I love seeing it around town when I am out and about during the day. And whenever I wave at Charlie, the driver, he'll kindly clang the bell in a return greeting. Always makes me smile.

Charlie regularly takes visitors on tours around town. And this is the time of year for the Scary-etta Tours that seek out the Ghosts of Marietta.

The trolley was a convenient way to travel from Marietta to Atlanta until service was ended in 1946.

Here's a photo of its last run in 1946.

And one last photo - the First Baptist Church of Marietta Sunday School classes head to Grant Park in Atlanta for a picnic; 1942.

T is also for Tommy's, my favorite sandwich shop. Not trendy, not touristy, just great tasty sandwiches, quickly made and friendly service.

Just be sure to get there early before the jurors trod over there!


Sheri said...

Maybe they should start the trolley service to Atlanta again, might be safer than driving!
How neat to have Charlie blow the whistle at you in passing. I really need to visit this area next time I'm up that way. You make it look very interesting, the history and the people.

YesterUkes said...

We have a trolley in Laurens, but it's used for special events and such. Still, it looks so neat to see it driving around our square.

Think I'll try to travel to your town and try Tommy's. Soon. (I ran out of "T" words.)