Tuesday, November 16, 2010

a bit of a mystery

Do you like mysteries? I do.

I've really been enjoying the new Sherlock series on Masterpiece Mystery! I love this very 21st century adaptation.
You can watch online until Dec. 7.

Here's another mystery. Why do I have so much yarn left?

I knit and knit and purl and that wodge of shawl scrunched up on the circular gets heavier and yet seemingly No Yarn Is Used.

I'm already contemplating what I can make with the leftovers. Two more? Four?

I'm glad (boy! am I ever glad!) to say that the edging is moving forward. I'm halfway through it now. I was quite gleeful really until I had this sudden realization.....I'm going to have bind off all those stitches. I put that little thought right out of my head.


Paula said...

I am smiling looking at your ball of yarn. ;)

YesterUkes said...

I'm a serious mystery fan from way back--all the way back to Trixie Belden and Nancy Drew. But your mystery sounds like a real puzzle.

Love the color and the leaf accent.

Mary said...

Magical, mysterious yarn!