Monday, January 11, 2010

Slipper pattern verdict

Slipper pattern verdict:

1. Pattern is genius.
2. Knitter is not.
3. Gauge is off.
4. Size chosen too small.
5. Yarn is suitable.
6. Immediately joining into a round not an issue.

I will certainly try this pattern again.

My gauge was too tight, but I like the fabric produced.

I chose Continental size 34, the largest of the children's sizes, mainly as a test run. Why knit more stitches than absolutely necessary just to try out the pattern?

The pattern has you cast on and knit in garter stitch to form the bottom and start up the sides of the foot. Then you switch to stockinette and begin decreasing at the toe box, on either side of 2 or 4 stitches at the center. I chose 4 for a wider toe area. You decrease up the foot to the ankle and then divide the stitches at the front center, knitting back and forth again in garter for the turn back cuff. Seam the cast on stitches at the center bottom of foot and you're done. Pretty slick, huh?

I can't wait to get more yarn! Any suggestions as to what yarn would make the best slippers?


minipurl said...

Oooohhhhh. Very pretty and much better than my felted slippers idea :)

Mary said...

Nice looking slipper! Will you be putting soles on the bottom of the slippers to prevent wear and tear?

Sheri said...

They're so cozy looking! I'm going to have to send you some stash, so you'll have lots of "stash" available for those slippers. hhmmmhhhh