Monday, January 11, 2010

Return to Cranford

Oh, my! Just look at that picture. See the knitting?! See the reticules?! See the fingerless mitts?! The cloaks, the bonnets, the lace?! The propriety?!

You might also see the fine print which says it started this past Sunday, January 10. Humph. Not on my digitally-available PBS channel. But it will be here Monday the 17th. I'll try to be patient. [I can sure use the practice.]

This past Sunday afternoon I was in the car at just the right time and got to listen to Bob Edward's full interview with the show's producer, Sue Birtwistle. If you didn't get to hear this, and don't want to try to catch the podcast, you can read an interview on the Masterpiece Mystery! website here. In the Attention to Detail section there you can read where Judi Dench had to make do with the same fingerless mitts she wore as Miss Matty in the original.

And in the meantime, if you need to augment your wardrobe, "Piecework" magazine has a free pattern for fingerless silk mitts to crochet.

See a lovely examples of a reticules here, here, and here. And a pattern for making one to mimic a pineapple, published in 1840 by Mrs. Jane Gaugain in her book "The Lady's Assistant, for executing useful and fancy designs in knitting, netting, and crochetwork" here.

(Don't want to the be the only one dressed up in your household? Perhaps men aren't as scarce in your town as they are in Cranford. Consider then Knitty's free pattern for a nightcap.)


Mary said...

I just watched the episode--oh, you're really gonna like it for all the string!

Sheri said...

That's what I get for not reading blogs fast enough. I must watch for that to air again. I would love to dress all up in that period of clothing for just one big night on the town. So ladylike and dainty. Thanks for sharing that. Love your very informative posts! I've missed them.