Monday, January 4, 2010

Good Luck Cow !

Well with all the many and varied (not to mention free) cowl patterns over on Ravelry, it was only a matter of time until I tried one.

I picked up a skein of Classic Elite Fresco when I was wandering around on the other side of the county over the holiday break. It comes in lots of lovely colors and I finally decided on #5364 which they call Celestial Blue.

Fresco is a blend of 60% wool / 30% baby alpaca / 10% angora so it is soft and fuzzy. At 164 yards/skein, I was able to get only 7 full repeats but it came out to a nice size. I cast on 110 instead of the 100 specified so it would slip easily on and off over the head and with maybe less chance of messing up the hair.

I knit with the size 7 bamboo circular that I have in the short 16" length which made it fast and easy to just knit around and around on this pattern.

After a soak, I just patted it out to dry and later affixed a little hang tag to send with my husband for a coworker/friend. When I passed it over to him, he took a glance at the tag and misread it thinking it said Good Luck Cow! Well my lowercase 'L' may have been a bit short. So that provided our amusement for the evening and he and Audrey had another little chuckle when he gave it to her today. So easily amused we are.


minipurl said...

Moo..... I love it!

Mary said...

Given the yarn, pattern, needle--you could probably knit a herd of them very quickly.