Thursday, January 7, 2010

Neither rain, nor sleet, nor gloom of night

It's pretty chilly around the cul-de-sac these days. There is even talk of a bit of snow overnight and a few flakes have already been spotted. (And I'm not talking about the neighbors!)

Monday, after hearing the forecast not just for precipitation but for cold temps and wind, I decided it was time to make a hat and I dashed out at lunchtime and bought a ball of Patons Classic Wool in basic black. By noon the next day I had a Chic Knits Felted Bucket Hat in the washing machine.

I've made this once before and knew it was a quick and easy knit. I don't usually wear hats and I'm still a bit self-conscious with one on, but I've got to tell you that it really is warm and nice to not have my hair blowing all across my face as I dart in and out of the car to shops, banks, and the post office.

Speaking of the post......I got mail today!!

In the "Christmas on Jane Street" book, Billy Romp mentions that he has often received mail addressed to "the Christmas tree seller, corner Jane St. and Eighth Ave., NY, NY". When my wonderful surprise package from Mary arrived, I decided to send him a Christmas card with a short note. I wasn't able to mail it until Dec. 21 and wondered if it would reach him before he packed up to return home on Christmas Eve.

Well, evidently the postal service was outstanding and he sent a very nice reply. [I left the image full size, so perhaps if you click to bring it up larger, you may even be able to read it.]

Isn't that great?! Maybe next year I should mail him a felted hat.

Oh, and if you are snowed in and wondering how to spend your time, you might pop over to this blog and read her list.


minipurl said...

Are you covered in snow yet? The hat is wonderful and I love hearing that the postal service got the card to Billy. (Did I mention that I was a rural carrier for 11 years when my kids were younger?)
And the list of things to do whilst snowed in (we have a dusting, so that qualifies) is very cool.
************* Enjoy! *******

Sheri said...

I was so happy to be up there when the snow came! I have pictures of Ruby with snow, my boots with snow, my friend with snow. Just what I needed! I even had to drive on 85 in it, but with the new Super Speeder tickets, everyone was being pretty careful. I do love the snow. Oh, love your hat too!