Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A is for


There are lots of antique shops around the square. Many of them I have never been in, but there are a couple that I like to browse in when I have a few moments and can sneak away from the office.

Sometimes I can find a vintage hanky with a bit of tatting or crochet. Only once have I ever found a tatting shuttle.

This one with the black awning is across the street and you can see the reflection of our office in the window.

A is also for Australian Bakery and Cafe.

I've had a meat pie there but I've never tried the Vegemite or Mushy Peas. It has only been there since 2001.

And A is for alleyways. There are many one-way streets around the square and often the quickest way to get from one place to another is to cut through an alley. Here's the one behind my office. I drive out of the archway on the right. Directly across is another bakery and usually the fellow manning the giant mixer will give me a friendly wave. Down at the end you can see the bandstand on the square.

There is not a drugstore directly on the square anymore, although there is Walgreens within walking distance. When I was growing up, Atherton's was on the square. So one last 'A', a blast from the past, a scene inside Atherton's, at the luncheon counter no less, 1955:
I was never there when it was that crowded!

My first real job was not too far off the square and my VW Beetle (green, of course) was financed by The First National Bank of Cobb County. Their main office was a marble building on the square. Once a month I went inside and made my car payment and then walked across to have a grilled cheese sandwich at the luncheon counter.

Guess that makes me one of the antiques!


Mary said...

I loved taking the tour! Looking forward to more things on the Square.

Susan said...

I love these tours, so much fun and better than the travel channel!

RedScot said...

Great photo essay! Love you 'a's!

RedScot said...

Oops - your 'a's... Sounds a bit dodgy otherwise!

DeuceMom said...

This is a great photo tour!

Kim said...

All these great A's. What a lovely tour.

Desiree said...

What an awesome idea! I can't wait to see more of your area!

Sheri said...

That looks like a fun square to walk around. Must look your area up next time I need a place to wonder. I love antique stores. :o)

Annie said...

I really like your A! Thanks for guiding us around. Just a pity we can't enter the antique shops - but then: do we really need more things?