Friday, January 22, 2010

A blocking I must go

Remember I said I was knitting another old-fashioned bonnet? Well I just bound off and here it is.

Humm......badly needs a blocking. At least I hope that helps it.

I still have the crochet lace edging to do that goes all around and some ribbon ties.

Right now I can think of only one 'person' that it would fit:

If you need a bonnet, E.T., please phone home.


Mary said...

Babies can have odd-shaped heads. . . alien babies, that is! LOL! Hoping the bonnet shapes up when blocked.

Sheri said...

I'll send the pug, her head is a good shape for a baby bonnet to block on. :o) Very cute! I have a pattern for one I'd like to make, one of these days, after the other 400000000 projects I'd like to do.