Sunday, January 10, 2010

Against Cold Feet

Several years ago when I first learned to knit, my main aspiration was to be able to make knitted slippers - or as I usually called them 'ugly slippers'.

True they are far from a thing of beauty, but, as I knew from the now worn pair given to me years earlier by an older friend, they get the job done.

That first year of knitting I turned out several pairs; pairs that truly, truly were UGLY slippers. They too have been functional and have served well. In the meantime I've kept my eyes peeled for other patterns, just sure that somewhere there existed the perfect combination of quick knit, comfy wear, and long-lasting warmth.

This one is from a Nov. 1989 issue of Anna Burda Knitting and Needlecrafts, a German publication but translated into English - at least the words are. The measurements are metric. The materials specified are often unavailable - especially now 21 years later. A center insert translates British and American knitting and crochet terms and abbreviations.

I'm working here with Continental shoe sizes and I'm just guessing on this trial run as to which size might best fit me. I'm trying to work through the pattern with a bit of leftover Berroco Vintage wool/acrylic blend. I think this yarn will make good slippers, but I don't want my pair to be Wasabi green!

The pattern is rather terse and probably assumes I've been knitting basic items since childhood. Not so. I find I've already messed up and should not have immediately joined in a round. At this stage I can't determine why that would matter, but it will probably become quite clear a bit later.

Wish me luck. I could really use a new pair of WARM slippers.

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minipurl said...

Wish I could knit some ASAP and mail them your way.... you are a braver soul than I to tackle the dreaded slipper monster.

**This has been a message from your fraidy cat knitter. We now return you to your regularly scheduled knitting fun :)