Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Period Clothing

Perhaps I can blame "Return To Cranford", but I'm currently knitting another old-fashioned baby bonnet, another bonnet that I probably won't be able to part with even if I could find a modern mother that would use it.

The pattern is from the Nov/Dec 2000 issue of "Piecework" and is another of those patterns that I've looked at, read about, and wanted to try for years. I am so glad I finally learned to knit if only to try out some of the wonderful patterns in old "Piecework"s.

There is lots to share about this bonnet but I'll save that for another day.

Speaking of period clothing, I cannot think of a single thing that people might one day want to recreate of our wardrobes. T-shirts? Jeans? As comfortable as it is to wear, there is not much excitement or glamour in it, is there? But who am I kidding? I'd pick comfort every day.

I ran across a wonderful blog today; Wearing History. The writer is currently sewing a Regency ballgown. I haven't yet taken the time to look over and read much of it, but I did read her post on her wedding. If you get the chance to read, be sure to click to enlarge the pictures so you can really see all the details.

I'm definitely bookmarking this one! Cranford won't be on forever.


Jolene said...

Oh my Gosh! her photos are lovely, and the dress and clothing in general are incredible. The whole thing looks like a moment from another time captured in todays world. just speechless!

thanks for linking to it... I really enjoyed that!

(weddings still make me all emotional lol )

minipurl said...

What beautiful wedding photos. Thanks for such an interesting post, as always :)

Sheri said...

I think everyone in 100 years will want to wear big, oversized sweatshirts and bluejeans. I can't imagine life without them. :o) I think we're just recreating what they wore 100 years ago, nothing to improve on.