Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Doesn't look like the lacy green bag does it?

I made it through round 83 on Monday evening and noticed a mistake. I wrote myself a reminder note for the next morning, but awoke with a little soreness in the wrist. I decided it was better to give it a rest than risk really irritating it, so I threaded a needle instead and started a Hardanger project.

I've been wanting to work some again and just last week pulled out all my books and patterns and looked them over. I'm ashamed that this is linen and thread that I bought ages ago (Aug. 2008!) and am just now doing something with it.

I must say that I have treasured the two days of forced isolation that the weather gave me. I've really relaxed and enjoyed longer stretches of time with my needlework. And, just because it made me happy, I tied that bit of green ribbon from a Christmas present around the top of the little mushroom jar that I'm using for my orts. Cheery.

I slowly made it in to work today. Too bad I didn't think to take my camera. Even though the 2010 ABC-along is over, I would have liked to show you the gazebo in the square with a layer of ice atop.

Instead, here's a photo from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, taken Monday at the Marietta National Cemetery (from the C post last February).

Brrrr! It's cold here.

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YesterUkes said...

I'm sure I have linen bought longer ago than that. So long ago that I'm not sure what I planned to do with it.

Do you think this is the last snow of winter?