Saturday, January 8, 2011

Project 13 - leaves emerge

For a chart-loving knitter this little bag pattern has it all.

Here it is on row 40 or so - out of 110 and you can begin to see the lower leaves emerging. I'm just to the very base of the large central flower. Each side started out with 48 stitches; 96 total and stayed fairly close to that number as I inched into the leaves, but now I'm up to 77 per side. The project photo shows it as having straight sides so I'm guessing this 77 will quite soon reduce back down in that flower section.

Interesting knitting that's for sure! And I did dash out after work on Friday for another ball of thread. You can see I'm eating it up pretty quickly.

Back when I first saw the pattern and thought about knitting it, I never considered a green. I hadn't planned on white, like the cover photo either. There's a gorgeous on one Ravelry in a lovely blue. So far, however, I'm quite liking the leaf green.


Bonnie said...

It's lovely in green. Can't wait to see the finished bag.

minipurl said...

Beautiful :)

YesterUkes said...

Green hope that spring is coming. Eventually.

Enjoying watching your project grow.

Mary said...

So pretty! What size needle are you using? They look very teeny-tiny.

Sheri said...

#13 looks wonderful! I was going to ask about the needle size too, they do look tiny.
Glad you had some interesting knitting while you watched the snow.