Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Queen's Wristers

I've had a hard time settling on a project since finishing the little lace bag.

January is always such a hectic time at work. Can I just blame it on that? Thanks.

I started a bit of lace for a bag edging but it was working up rather larger than I liked and then I dropped a stitch. Toss.

I cast on for that mitered heart sachet from Interweave. I'd link but the pattern seems to no longer be available. It had a backward loop cast on. Yuck. I think I did two rows. Toss.

I started a large lace stole with lovely yarn I bought at last year's Stitches South. I almost finished the wee little edging that is only 6-11 stitches wide. I still like it... but I put it aside.

Everything just seemed way too hard. So it is a real puzzle to me how I've landed on stranded colorwork and using yarn I don't even particularly enjoy! Ah, sweet mysteries of life.

I'm blaming Paula over at the Knitting Pipeline podcasts. That Ravelry group is starting a Norwegian knitalong. Paula is knitting a sweater, but, even though it is right chilly around the cul-de-sac this winter, I know a stranded colorwork sweater is WAY too warm for here even if I was up to sweater knitting (which I am not).

So that is how I ended up with Rose Wristers. I'm knitting a pair of wristers, or pulsewarmers, from the book I got Christmas 2009. So far at least, my inner Norwegian is happy.


trailbee said...

Ever since I began the Triinu scarf I've wondered if it would be possible to do it on a narrower scale; say, only one repeat from the box and the last one. What do you think? It might not be a great idea for right now, but how about later during the year? I know I'm going to do the original size scarf for my daughter, but can't very well begin it until I'm done with these new socks, and a watch cap and maybe a gaiter for my troop knitting group. Or, maybe having done it once, you might be bored a second time.

Mary said...

Those look very cute! What color is the darker yarn?

YesterUkes said...

Every finished project I see here is just so exquisite, that I am glad you told a little about the ones that didn't work out. Or that need "a rest."

I can't begin to approach your knitting expertise, but I certainly can identify with the tossed/set aside projects. (But thankfully, my knitting IS improving!)

Sheri said...

I'm doing a sweater with one color and I do believe I've forgotten how to count. Could it be brainfreeze? No, not us, we love cold. Still admiring your little green bag but can't wait to see your blue and white wristers.